Why Build Union

There are many options a project owner or contractor considers when building a public or private improvement or development. But one option that is easy to decide is to Build Union with members of the Laborers’ Union of Eastern Missouri. Using members of the Laborers’ Union to construct your next project insures you are getting a highly trained workforce geared toward productivity. 

Construction Craft Laborers receive 300-400 hours of off the job skill training at the Laborers & Contractors Training Center located in High Hill, Missouri. This Training is a combination of classroom instruction and ‘hands on’ instruction. In addition each Construction Craft Laborer completes 4,000 hours of on the job training under the supervision of a qualified and competent journey level laborer.

The Training of a Construction Craft Laborer doesn’t end there. Journeyman Laborers continue their education and training by taking advancement skill classes that teach skills required by Construction Craft Laborers who want to take on more jobsite responsibilities and duties, know more about the construction process or move into supervisory positions.

All members of the Laborers Union must have completed a 10-hour OSHA safety training program and carry a certification card with them on the job. Construction Craft Laborers are constantly informed and trained on the safest way to perform their work. This reduces on site accidents, which in turn helps contain the contractor’s health insurance and workers’ compensation rates.

All members of the Laborers Union are randomly tested for substance abuse. Testing improves job site safety and productivity for construction workers and the public.

A Union Contractor's Perspective