Who is LECET

The Laborers-Employers Cooperation and Education Trust (LECET) brings the Laborers’  International Union of North America (LIUNA) and its signatory contractors together to address issues of importance to both. Laborers and their employers share a lot of common ground. Working as a team, they secure projects and jobs, increase union-sector market share, advertise their services, develop a workforce, and advance shared market-related interests. LECET is similar to a trade association, it looks down the road, sees where the construction industry is going, then musters the resources of LIUNA and the Tri-Funds to position Laborers and their signatory contractors to make the most of the future. It works closely with leading industry organizations on issues of importance to the entire industry such as transportation funding, market-related legislation, marketing strategies, and workforce development.

LECET’s most important mission is helping Laborers’ Local Unions and the contractors with whom they work win projects and jobs. Its innovative Market Expansion Program (MEP) keeps tabs on tens of thousands of construction projects throughout the United States and Canada. LECET and its affiliates alert Laborers’ Local Unions of upcoming projects, giving Laborers and their signatory contractors time to prepare a bid, assemble a workforce, and win the work. While Laborers are working hard on current projects, LECET is hard at work identifying future projects and job opportunities.

LECET works to identify new and emerging markets and position LIUNA and its signatory contractors to capitalize on those opportunities. It is one of the three funds that make up LIUNA’s Tri-Funds, organizations uniquely established to assist in expanding LIUNA’s market share. LECET, the LIUNA Training and Education Fund (LIUNA Training), and the Laborers’ Health and Safety Fund of North America (LHSFNA) develop the marketing, training, and health and safety programs that give LIUNA a competitive edge.

LECET is governed by a board of Labor and Management Trustees. LECET’s network consists of one national office and 38 affiliates throughout the United States and Canada, all of which deliver services to LIUNA and signatory contractors at the national, regional, district council and local union levels.