Tuition Reimbursement

LECET Tuition Reimbursement  

Laborers-Employers Cooperation and Education Trust is offering full tuition reimbursement to qualifying laborers wishing to proceed with their education through St. Louis Community College. 

To qualify for tuition reimbursement, you must fit the following criteria:

• a member of an Eastern Missouri Laborers Local Union throughout education

• a current enrollee (and continued enrollment) or graduate of the Laborers’ Apprenticeship Program

• be a second term apprentice (first term apprentices do not qualify)

• provide a letter of recommendation from current employer

• must keep local union dues up to date

• sign a letter of intent with LECET to follow through with entire degree program

• cannot be receiving any other grant or scholarship funding

• must be interviewed by an individual of the LECET staff

To maintain eligibility for reimbursement, students are required to complete the necessary courses in three (3) years of enrollment. In order to be reimbursed for classes students must receive a “C” or better. LECET will not pay for re-enrollment of failed courses. Students who fail a class (“F” or “D”) will lose their scholarship. To acquire an application or for more information, call 314-291-0373.

Skilled Trades Associates Degree

The Construction Craft Laborers’ Apprentice Program has been working with the officials from several junior colleges on the details of a unique program. In this new innovative program, Construction Craft Laborers can now apply their apprenticeship training hours, completed at the Laborers' Training Center, toward a two-year Associates Degree in Applied Sciences. 

An Associates in Applied Science (AAS) degree requires students to earn 60 college credit hours. This new two-year degree program recognizes the skills and abilities Construction Craft Laborers acquire during their period of apprenticeship by counting it as 45 college credit hours, leaving the student to earn only 15 additional credit hours at St. Louis Community College. This specific curriculum is designed for students to enhance their employment, career and advancement opportunities with today’s construction contractors.

“With this degree in hand, Laborers can move up as superintendents or could start their own companies,” said John Mulligan, former Management Trustee of the Laborers’ Training Fund. “This program offers workers a great opportunity. The benefits of additional education are endless.” This degree offers more flexibility than traditional campus-based AAS degree programs, the student earns college credit for his/her on-the-job training, sharpens skills through supervised practice, as well as develops additional skills for living and work. The program was designed to advance education and degree options. It is designed for the student already in the workforce, participating in the apprenticeship program, and making progress towards earning a journeyman’s license.