LIUNA Training provides comprehensive education and training programs and services to LIUNA members, local unions, and construction and environmental remediation contractors, through 70 affiliated training funds located across the United States and Canada.

A key goal of LIUNA Training is to develop and facilitate Construction Craft Laborer (CCL) training that will enhance worker skills, promote workplace safety, offer job and career opportunities for a diverse workforce, and enable Laborers to obtain and maintain employment that provides excellent wages and benefits. The Fund develops professional educational materials (training manuals, audio-visual aids, and presentation materials) that are relevant to experienced and new Laborers.

In addition, LIUNA Training has an ongoing professional development program for instructors designed to enhance instructor technical and presentation skills.

Each year, approximately 120,000 journey workers and apprentices are trained to work in building construction, heavy and highway construction, construction supervision, environmental remediation, demolition, and restoration projects. This training teaches or renews CCL skills and frequently leads to new career paths. The training employs the best practices of adult education and is presented through interactive classroom instruction and exercises, hands-on training, and simulated worksite activities to provide the learner with the best and most productive learning experience possible. Successful completion of many of LIUNA Training programs, offered at local training centers throughout North America, provides LIUNA members with the opportunity to receive college credits and industry certifications.